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K-Tron Industries.

Providing innovative services across the globe!

K-Tron Industries, L.L.C. is an “umbrella’ company offering businesses opportunities which are capable of providing multiple streams of income.

These businesses open doors to reveal exciting and challenging opportunities for those who have the drive, motivation and sheer, gut-determination to make their dreams come true.

K-Tron Industries assures success each step along the entrepreneurial journey, via strong lines of communication, feedback and goal setting.

Welcome   to Our Company!

We believe our Services are distinguishable from our competition in two very succinct ways.

Firstly, our proprietary StudyCube Technology provides highly-condensed information for quick discernment, comprehension and immediate application.

Secondly, our information is “living” in nature; that is, it is a constant process of “learning is accomplished by doing.”

That is exactly what K-Tron Industries professes: learn something, apply it successfully and; then teach it.

About   Us

Over 25 years of relevant IT experience

Extensive education, knowledge, experience and skill-sets are all represented in K-Tron Industries products and services.

Exceptional Products And Services

The Company prides itself on paying Attention to Detail and Quality of Service on Products and Services which customers want

Efficient Customer Service

Communicating with us is easy! We provide various methods, including: blogs, Online-forms, and 24-hour response-time Email Service for Paying Subscribers to our Services.

Innovative Educational System

K-Tron Industries are Learning Experts and have created an Online Educational System like no other

Our   Team

Robert Hyland

Having graduated from the DeVry Institute of Technology with a BSEET, our founder has been working in IT for over 25 years. He is a hard-working, diligent person dedicated to creating things that are greater than himself




Our   Services

StudyCube Systems

Let StudyCube Systems guide your way to success! Years have been spent developing these Systems; which, incorporate a proprietary format. They are used for learning, knowledge retention; and, also provide an excellent source of reference.

Gemini 2 Market Analyzer

Gemini 2 Market Analyzer is a powerful, low-cost yet easy-to-use charting app that is meant to enhance your Trading Skills! It is Windows-based; and, provides real-time market valuation data. Many different kinds of charts, overlays and indicators can be displayed, too

"TemplateMaster" Web-Templates

Need a low-cost, user-administration-friendly, awesome looking Website for your Business Idea? That's what TemplateMaster is all about. It's competitive, great-looking pre-built Sites can give anyone the edge in getting their next Big Idea up and running, quickly.

More Great Ideas Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more opportunities to engage with affordable tools that really work, which will help you succeed, to create Your Own Special Business!

The   Skills

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Gemini 2 Market Analyzer
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TradeTracKB StudyCube
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MarketTech Combo Package

Our   Portfolio

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Gemini 2 Market Analyzer

This App helps Traders do three things: 1) Collect historical Pricing data 2) Perform Technical Analysis 3) Execute A Trading Strategy

Custom Programming

Too busy to manage your own Website? Let our Experts help you out. We'll get your Site looking exactly like you want it!

Wizardry Made Simple

Complex tasks are made simple with Wizards. In one example, they help configure Trading Strategies and manage watch lists. They are easily modifiable and can work in a variety of situations

Customizable Web Templates

Get YOUR Business up and running fast with one of our affordable, ready-to-go, Professional-Looking Themes that are sure to entice buyers!

Confirm Understanding

Test your understanding of material presented in our Moonlight KBs by taking tests; thus confirming your knowledge of presented material

Business Development Programs

* Develop Business Plans * Develop Self-Confidence * Relieve Stress * Get/Stay Organized * Manage Projects/Task-Assignments

Customized Training

K-Tron Industries proprietary learning systems keep you on-track. They are easy to use, searchable, linked and have been proven to work!

Multiple Businesses

Broaden your horizons with Multiple Streams of Income by choosing many different, ready-to-go Business Web Templates

Exclusive P/FTF

The Proprietary FinTech Framework offered to our Clients performs specialized Trading Strategies designed to minimize risk and define goals of entry-points, exit-points and profits

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Telephone: +1 833 294 0483